Annual Women's Group events at FBC

Annual Events

80+ Luncheon

A long-standing tradition at FBC is the annual 80+ Luncheon. Each fall, church members and friends age 80 and older are invited to a luncheon and program held at the church. Circles prepare and serve the meal and provide transportation for anyone who might need it.


Love Gift Offering

This is a long beloved tradition in ABWM. Love Gift is an offering that goes over-and-above that which supports American Baptist mission and ministry. During the Great Depression, the American Baptist denomination faced a deficit and the women challenged one another to raise enough funds to cover that deficit. They rose to meet that challenge and then some!


Today Love Gift is an extra gift to the United Mission support of the American Baptist family. Through Love Gift, missions and ministries in the United States and Puerto Rico and around the world are able to reach out to millions of God's people. First Baptist women and their families collect coins and dollars in boxes as they count their blessings and give lovingly in support of missions.


White Cross

For many years American Baptist's helping hands have been reaching out to people in need. During World War I, many church women assisted the American Red Cross by providing surgical dressings, bandages, and other medical supplies for U.S. service personnel. In 1919, following the end of the war, two American Baptist women from Cleveland, Ohio organized the "White Cross Service League," channeling the war effort into support for Baptist mission.


White Cross has been embraced by local churches throughout the United States eager to fill specific requests from mission workers. Through White Cross gifts, church members provide urgently-needed supplies that cannot be purchased with limited mission budgets.


First Baptist Church members and friends work together to fill White Cross requests. In recent years a Roast Beef Dinner for White Cross is held in the spring to raise money for support of medical work in hospitals and clinics.