News article at FBC

We Did GREAT on GOOD Friday!

Last week our congregation pooled their resources to provide ministry and outreach to those who are facing exceptional needs during the economic shift resulting from COVID-19. 

We reached out to our partnership with I Coach, which serves Congolese refugees in our community and provided 522 food items. We also donated $4,075 in grocery store gift cards in addition to $860 in cash. Along with 80 rolls of toilet paper and 60 rolls of paper towels, these items will provide food and necessities for over 75 families who have either had their hours of employment reduced or have been furloughed from their jobs.

Not only did we serve the Congolese, a team of people prepared and packaged 80 meals to be distributed through our long standing partnership with Children and Family Urban Movement (CFUM), which serves families in urban Des Moines. 

Finally, we were able to access and donate a case of toilet paper and a case of paper towels to Johnston Partnership Place, which serves families within the Johnston Community School District boundary.

We are thrilled with our response to our community on Good Friday! Thank you for your prayers, donations, and support!