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2020 Holy Week Reading Plan

2020 Holy Week Reading Plan

Palm Sunday, April 5

            Read Zechariah 9:9; Luke 19:28-40

            Question for Reflection: How are you welcoming the presence of Christ in your life?


Monday, April 6

            Read Luke 19:45-48

Question for Reflection: The apostle Paul called your body “the Temple of the Holy

Spirit.” What are you doing to cleanse your “temple” and honor Jesus?

Tuesday, April 7

            Read Matthew 21:23-27

            Question for Reflection: What particular teaching(s) of Jesus do you find

                        challenging to accept?


Spy Wednesday, April 8

            Read Mark 14:1-11

            Question for Reflection: What act of extravagant generosity or service is Jesus calling

you to offer? What would cause you to betray this call?


Maundy Thursday, April 9

            Read John 13:1-20; Luke 22:7-30

            Question for Reflection: What areas of your life need to be freed from pride? How can

                        true humility free you to fully enjoy the sacrifice of Jesus?


Good Friday, April 10

            Read Isaiah 53; John 19:1-37

            Question for Reflection: Take time to reflect upon the extent of Jesus’ sufferings.

                        How do the sufferings of Jesus inform your thinking about your sin?


Saturday, April 11

            Read John 19:38-42

            Question for Reflection: What can you do when you can’t sense the presence of



Easter Sunday, April 12

            Read John 20:1-23

            Question for Reflection: How is Jesus developing faith, hope and love in your

                        life today?