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The I Love My Church Challenge!

First Baptist Church is excited to share that we have had a family issue a giving challenge to our congregation by offering a $10,000 matching gift to be met by Sunday, April 5! The challenge extended is directed to our general operating fund. 

Here’s how you can help us reach this challenge:

For those who wish to send their offerings through the mail, please write "I love my Church" on the memo line or  the contribution envelope. You may wish to draw a heart on your envelope if you are especially creative! All checks received through the mail by Sunday, April 5, will count toward the challenge. 

For those who utilize online bill pay, we will honor those checks received through the mail by Sunday, April 5, even if your payment process does not allow you to make a designation on a memo line.

Anyone who would like to give online at may do so. You will not be able to designate your gift with "I love my Church." Therefore, any gift to the general fund received online between Friday, March 28, and Sunday, April 5, will be counted toward the challenge.

Please consider how you can do your part as we together accept this generous challenge! If you have any questions about the "I love my Church" challenge, please contact me or our Financial Secretary. We will announce the results of the challenge on Tuesday, April 7.

Don’t forget to worship with us each Sunday online at 10:00 am at!