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Children's Enrichment Workshops

These fun, hands-on workshops are available at no cost and are led by experienced hobbyists and professionals who have been screened and approved to work with young people. They will be held from 6-7:30pm, the first week of June and include a snack and Bible story.

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It’s a dance party! Learn the words and moves to several great praise songs and then (if you’d like) lead the opening sessions the rest of the week!

Make-and-Take Birdhouses

Develop your skills with a hammer and nails, as you assemble and personalize your own wooden birdhouse!

Fuse Beads/Beadies

We bring the iron and beads, you bring your creativity. Design fabulous works of art!


Folk Dancing

Kids can come alone, or bring their folks! The simple patterns of folk dancing were created for community recreation and cultural expression. Join the fun of this tradition!

Amateur Radio

Do you listen to music in the car? Did you know radios can go both ways? You can talk to people on the other side of the world without a telephone! Learn the basics, figure out morse code, and even try to connect with someone across the ocean!

Intro to Puppetry

Did you use to watch Sesame Street and the Muppets when you were little? Here’s your chance to get behind the curtain and learn how to bring puppets to life! Grade 4 and up.



Fun and Games

Get outside and play: from silly relays to water games and more.

Acrylic Painting Wings Project

Paint a set of beautiful wings and be photographed as an angel!

Tie-Blanket Service Project

Offer comfort and love to a seriously ill child by helping make snuggly, no-sew tie-blankets!



Use beads to make beautiful jewelry to wear or give as a gift!

Painted Bug Garden Rocks

Turn plain old rocks into frogs, lady bugs, and bumble bees! These delightful creations will bring whimsy to your garden or planter.

LEGO Build

Follow along using patterns or make a freestyle build as we get creative with these delightful blocks! [LEGO® is a registered trademark of companies which do not sponsor, authorize or endorse this program]


Make-and-Take Planter Box

Hone those building skills by assembling your own planter box, then get your hands dirty adding lovely plants! Flowers or veggies? It’s your call!

Advanced Puppetry

Bring your skills up to the next level! Puppeteers who have taken the intro workshop will be able to join other experienced puppeteers to choreograph a number! Grade 4 and some puppetry experience required.

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